Workforce WindsorEssex produced a series of ten topic-specific bulletins that can be used as a local guide to exploring future career options. Entry level jobs provide experience that can help with long-term career planning; deciding whether or not you’d like to get more training and education in that type of work. An entry level job is a position that does not require a post-secondary education. Post-secondary education includes college and university. A promising sector is a sector of the local economy that will be growing in the next 3-5 years and therefore likely to be creating new jobs.

Click on the links below to download or discover: “Hot Jobs” A Look at Entry-Level Positions in Windsor-Essex

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Hot Jobs #1: Entrepreneurship

Hot Jobs #2: Professional Services

Hot Jobs #3: Health Sciences

Hot Jobs #4: Manufacturing

Hot Jobs #5: Education

Hot Jobs #6: Creative Industries

Hot Jobs #7: Agriculture

Hot Jobs #8: Hospitality and Tourism

Hot Jobs #9: Construction

Hot Jobs #10: Renewable Energy

WFWE would like to thank all the dedicated employers, employees, entrepreneurs and organizations, who helped make this series possible.